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antipodean produce


Antipodean Produce is a small grove visible from the Western Highway as you drive past the township of Dimboola in the Wimmera Region of Victoria. The grove consists of plantings of Frantoio, Leccino, Picual, Giant Kalamata and Sevillano. Each variety of olive is different in taste and we bottle oils as pure cultivars rather than as a blend.

As lovers of fresh produce we suggest that you have more than one olive oil in your pantry. Each variety, each grove, each harvest will deliver different tastes. Your taste and what you like is what is important so we recommend you try a variety of oils and use them to satisfy your taste of the day.

A tip for when you buy - get together with a few friends and buy a mixed dozen - this keeps the cost of postage down and gives you variety.

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Antipodean Produce

Grown locally,
our oil is bottled as pure cultivators than a blend.

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