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Helpful ways to describe Olive Oil

I have found the following description of oil to be helpful in describing olive oils as they are simple to understand. There are of course many different ways to describe taste but these are elegantly simple.

Intense. Knock-yer-socks-off oils that really make you sit up and take notice. Strongly-flavoured, with a peppery punch. Use for your strongest-flavoured foods or where you want a definite peppery aftertaste.

Robust & Fruity. Generally more olive-y, more verdant flavours, very often accompanied by a somewhat peppery aftertaste. Use with most pasta dishes or as a finishing drizzle in Nonna’s best minestrone (or other equally robust soups).

Smooth & Buttery. These are the luscious, fruitier oils that still retain a sense of delicacy. Often used for salads, vegetables, and poultry.

Subtle & Nuanced. The most ethereal olive oils, but still with a noteworthy taste. They may be delicate, but still be complex. Use for your lightest dishes, such as grilled white-fleshed fish or fresh mozzarella.

(Source http://www.thenibble.com/reviews/main/oils/extra-virgin-olive-oil.asp)



What is Extra Virgin Olive Oil?
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